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Through its projects, Bears in Mind focuses on three key areas:

  • Nature Conservation (of wild bears and their habitat)
  • Education & Awareness
  • Welfare (of bears in captivity)

Bears in Mind cooperates with local NGOs, universities, governmental institutions and other stakeholders to address and work on bear-related issues, towards a sustainable solution.

Below you can find a selection of past and present projects using the map. Please let us know if you have any further questions via our CONTACT page.


Criminals use the Netherlands to operate a network of illegal trade in traditional Chinese medicines […]

Developing non-invasive conservation technology to monitor bears

Tasked with the huge challenge of conserving nature in a changing world, biologists are turning […]

Sloth bears in Dang Deukhuri Valley, Nepal

Sloth bears (Melursus ursinus) are distributed across the lowlands of Nepal. Despite being categorized asvulnerable, […]

Fostering coexistence for the Syrian brown bear in Iraqi Kurdistan

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in the Middle East is one of the rarest, […]

Ending a centuries-old tradition in the Czech Republic

The famous Český Krumlov castle in the Czech Republic is a well-known UNESCO World Heritage […]

A better life for two Armenian bears

The aim of this project was to confiscate several captive bears from poor private keeping […]

Conservation of Himalayan black bears in Rara National Park, Nepal

In recent years, western Nepal has faced an increasing excessive human-wildlife conflict which resulted into […]

Tackling illegal trade in bears in Indonesia

Bears are sought after for use in traditional medicines, for consumption and live as pets. […]

Sloth bears outside protected areas in Nepal

The status of Sloth bears (Melursus ursinus) outside of protected areas in Nepal is unclear. […]

Illegal wildlife trade threatens bears in Nepal

Illegal wildlife trade is an emerging conservation threat to biodiversity. It is most prominent in […]

Oso Andino, el conflicto por el territorio

“Andean Bear, the conflict over territory” is a film documentary about the Andean bear, an […]

Andean bear population status in Colombia

Evaluation of the Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus) population status has been developed in Colombia by […]

Understanding the most elusive bear in the World

Gobi bears (Ursus arctos gobiensis) are endemic to southwestern Mongolia, where only 31 individuals remain. […]

Human-Carnivore Conflict study in Georgia

Human-Carnivore Conflict (HCC) is commonplace in Georgia, but it is especially severe in and around […]

Bear Rescue Mission!

On this page, the latest rescue mission will be published. Bear MILAOn October 1st 2022, […]

Protecting Sloth bears in non-protected areas

Sloth bear (Melursus ursinus) habitat is being degraded and fragmented in the Indian sub-continent. More […]

Andean bear conservation in Peru

This project, supported by Bears in Mind since 2022, aims to assess the population and […]

Bear conservation action in Eastern Caucasus

This project started in 2020, focusing on the local population of Brown bears in the […]

HBC mitigation in Armenia

The Brown bear (Ursus arctos) is one of the threatened large carnivore species in Armenia […]

Rewilding Asian bear species

Sun bears (Helarctos malayanus) and Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus) are not only threatened by […]

Conservation of bears in the Kyrgyz Republic

Himalayan brown bears (HBBs) were common species in all mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan. However, due […]

Do rehabilitated young brown bears behave ‘normally’?

A relatively high number of rehabilitated brown bear cubs have been released over the last […]

Public Awareness on Asiatic black bears in Russia

Low public awareness of the Asiatic black bear (ABB) in Russia leads to ignorance of […]

Conservation Education for the Himalayan brown bear in India

The target species for this project, the Himalayan brown bear (Ursus arctos isabellinus) (HBB) is […]

Human-Andean Bear Conflict Mitigation in Ecuador

In Ecuador, the Andean bear is listed as an endangered species, threatened by habitat loss […]

Asiatic black bear conservation in Pakistan

The main aim of the project that Bears in Mind is supporting since 2020, is […]

Problem-solving abilities in bears

With a special focus on brown bears (Ursus arctos) and other bear species, and in […]

Understanding the market for bear bile in China

Bear bile has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, with the […]

Genetics of the Bulgarian bear population

The East Balkan distribution of brown bears is comprised of two presently connected population segments; […]

Veterinary Equipment for Bear Sanctuary

The situation regarding captive bears in the Ukraine is dire. As many as 400 bears […]

Search for Sun bears in Vietnam

Bear populations have declined dramatically throughout Vietnam since the mid-1990’s. At this time the use […]

Sun Bear Population Monitoring

Ongoing development and uncontrolled human expansion in the target landscape, which used to be one […]

Cub Nursery & Intensive Care Unit in Laos

Free the Bears (FTB) has constructed a brand new, 60-acre wildlife sanctuary intended to provide […]

New home for Bulgarian bears Medo & Buya

On August 3 2019, bears Medo & Buya were loaded onto a transport van which […]

The bears & the bees

Damage by bears to beehives is one of the most prevalent human-bear conflicts in Slovakia, […]

Bears in captivity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Following the successful registration of illegally and legally held bears in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Pašić […]

Community based Himalayan black bear conservation

Although Nepal has successful achievements in wildlife conservation, bears are never listed as a conservation […]

Public Awareness on Captive Bear Issues in Georgia

The problem of keeping bears in captivity has a two decades-long history in Georgia. The […]

Genetics of Andean bears in Venezuela

The general aim of the project (2005-2006) was to generate baseline information about the genetic […]

Andean bear research in Ecuador

During a pilot project in 2012-2013, the research team used remote video cameras to study […]

Bear Research & Education in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Between 2008-2011, Bears in Mind supported the project “Let’s Meet and Protect Bears- the Symbol […]

HWC in Venezuela

This Human-Wildlife Conflict focused project was financially supported between 2005-2007. To gain more accurate insight […]

Conservation of the Kamchatka brown bear

The aim of the project is to develop a science-based program of conservation, population health […]

Red panda conservation in Nepal

The project team has interviewed important ‘stakeholders’ who come into contact with the Red panda: […]

Asiatic black bears in Iran

Research in HormozganIn 2009, a project was initiated in cooperation with the Ministry of DoE […]

Improvement of captive bear welfare in Armenia

The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets in Armenia (FPWC) uses film […]

Conservation drones

The project was focused not only on Amur tiger and Amur leopard conservation, but it […]

Bear Conservation in Myanmar

In the north-eastern region of the country human-bear conflicts occur regularly, especially involving the Asiatic […]

Brown bear research in Pakistan

In 2012, Bears in Mind started supporting research into the occurrence and distribution of the brown bear […]

Bear Education India

In India, habitat fragmentation and destruction is one of the main threats to bears, others […]

Dancing bears in Bulgaria

In cooperation with Bears in Mind, Balkani Wildlife Society in Bulgaria visited & surveyed around […]

Dancing bear rescue in India

In the 2000s, approximately 600 dancing bears were counted in India. By 2009 all were […]

Wolverines in Norway

Sometimes Bears in Mind also funds non-bear projects. Like this study on wolverines in Norway, […]

Bear-human conflicts in Turkey

A study documented 27 close encounters in 2003-2005, where harm to humans was reported in […]

Bear Conservation in Georgia

The study area of this project is focused on the arid ecosystem in the extreme […]

Counting bears in Croatia

The most important management decisions are the actions that directly influence and regulate the population […]

Brown bear management plan Bulgaria

The project started in January 2004 and different stakeholders were invited to an introductory meeting […]

Bulldozer for conservation

Research has shown that >20% of the southwestern Primorsky Krai, a region of almost 7,500 […]

Workshop on reintroduction of bears

During a workshop on the reintroduction of wild bears in 2000, participants agreed that more […]

HBC workshops Slovakia

The first workshop ‘Brown Bear Management in Slovakia’ was held in July 2011. Hunters, foresters, […]

Bear Education Centre Kalimantan

In East Kalimantan (Indonesia), Sun bear habitat is rapidly shrinking due to forest conversion and […]

Campaign to end bear abuse in China & Vietnam

Bears in Mind continues to help sanctuaries for the rehoming of abused and mistreated bears […]

Large Carnivore Education Centre in Vlahi, Bulgaria

Bears in Mind has supported the development of the Large Carnivore Education Centre in Vlahi, […]

Bear Education Thailand

The primary goal of the educational project funded by Bears in Mind (2011-2012) was to […]

Large Bear Enclosures

Especially zoos (in non-western countries where bears often still live in concrete-steel cages), governments and […]

Waste management in Slovakia

Inappropiate disposal of waste is a serious problem. Especially in bear habitat, near hotels and […]

Four Sloth bears rescued in India

With financial help of Bears in Mind, four young Sloth bears were rescued and brought […]

Three-legged bear Elvis

Three zoo bears were illegally released in the wild in Serbia in 2002 and one […]

Spanish circus bears to the Bear Forest

Two circus bears were ‘rescued’ by a Spanish NGO and brought to their ‘sanctuary’ called […]

Bears in need in Albania

Although brown bears are legally protected in Albania, many wild bears are poached and very […]

A sanctuary for bears…

How it all started…The beginning of the idea and need to do something substantial for […]

End the suffering for the Kormisosh bears

When bears received a protected status in 1993 and could no longer be hunted, the […]

Bear Shelter Banostor, Serbia

Dancing bears were still performing on the streets of Serbia back in 1999 / 2000. […]

Special care for captive bears in Turkey

Bears in Turkey face many problems. Their habitat is under constant pressure, not only because […]

Bear Alert

www.bearalert.org Bear Alert is developed by Bears in Mind to keep track of the many […]

Livestock Guarding Dogs Bulgaria

Semperviva is a Bulgarian organization which started to breed livestock uarding dogs again. Every year, […]

Asiatic black bear Conservation Action

In 2008 Indian wildlife NGO ‘WildlifeSOS’ started the training of rangers under the project: ‘Asiatic […]

Status of brown bears in Albania & Macedonia

The main aim of the project in 2008-2009 was to collect information that will enable […]

Bear Research in Iran

A Bears in Mind-funded research study between 2010-2013 conducted by the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) […]

Conservation Education in Laos

The bear sanctuary ‘Tat Kuang Si’, managed by Free the Bears (FTB) provides shelter to […]

Orphaned bear cubs in Far East Russia

In the spring of 2009, three orphaned Asiatic black bears were taken to a small […]

Bear Research Nepal

Increased knowledge and awareness among local people regarding the lifestyle of bears is of great […]

Monitoring rehabilitated bear cubs in Romania

There is much discussion about whether rehabilitated bears are likely to become problem bears. Therefore, […]

Thermoregulation in Polar- and Sun bears

Wild Polar bears and Sun bears live in parts of the world where living conditions […]

Improving the social acceptance of brown bears

This project titled “Brown bear conservation and research program in a model area in Romania” […]

Anti-poaching team Russia

In the Russian Far East, two of the world’s most endangered big cats occur: the […]

Bear observation tower in Romania

At the end of the 20th century, the main sources of income of local communities […]

Bear Population Research Russia

The goal of this pilot study (2007-2009) was to gather valuable data on bear populations […]