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The female turned out to be pregnant and gave birth to two cubs. The four bears were confined to a small and filthy cage and lived under dreadful conditions. The bears did nog get enough food and water, and were not properly cared for. Early in 2009 Bears in Mind received a Bear Alert about these bears. After a thorough preparation the bears were rescued and transported to the Bear Forest in Rhenen, just before Christmas of 2009. 

A new life
In the Bear Forest the bears started a completely new life. First they had to stay in quarantaine to get used to their new surroundings and receive a complete medical check-up. The bears' teeth were checked and treated. As a result of the bad living condtions and bad food, their teeth were severely damaged, which meant that several teeth had te be extracted and holes had to be filled. One bear received a rootcanal treatment. The two older bears (Bruce & Ronja), one of them blind and one deaf, got strong and healthy enough again and could succesfully be introduced in the Bear Forest in July 2010 where they truly enjoyed the space, the pond and the company of the other bears! The two young bears, Pepe and Pedro, were relocated to bear sanctuaries in Germany. 

Unfortunately, old bear Bruce died in the summer of 2011. He had a fantastic year before he passed away. He loved swimming and played a lot with the other much younger bears of the Bear Forest, despite the fact that he was blind. Ronja passed away at the end of 2012 due to a brain tumor.