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The project was focused not only on Amur tiger and Amur leopard conservation, but it has also helped protect other wildlife, such as the Asiatic black bears, brown bears and ungulate species which inhabit the ‘Land of the Leopard’ National Park (LLNP) in Far East Russia. By conducting regular anti-poaching patrols, rangers ensured security and protection of natural habitat that is home to as many as 1,300 plants, including 68 species listed in the Red Data Books of Russia, 329 vertebrates, 32 fish species, 12 reptiles, 65 mammals and 220 bird species. The LLNP serves as an ecological corridor connecting wildlife from Southwest Primorye to neighbouring protected areas in China.

The aim of the project was to conserve biodiversity through intensive anti-poaching activities. The objectives of the project were:

  • To improve anti-poaching efforts in ‘Land of the Leopard National Park’ with the use of drones;
  • To protect Amur leopards, tigers and other wildlife from poachers and forest fires.