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In the previous decades the main sources of income of the local population were mining, agriculture and the forest industry. Following the restructuring of the Romanian economy, most of the mines were closed. Nowadays, the former mining community is researching possibilities for generating income and more pressure is put on the valuable forest resources.

Grosii Tiblesului is a Romanian community with 2,200 inhabitants in the county of Maramures with a stunning landscape: hills with hay meadows, rivers and mountains covered with natural and pristine forests. It’s the closest community to the Tibles Mountains (highest peak is 1,848 m). Forests are owned by the state and partly by the local community (Grosii Tiblesului Composesorat Association). They are managed by the Grosii Tiblesului Forest District. There is still a significant area of old-growth forest (about 4,000 ha) and natural forests, being a valuable habitat for the brown bear, wolf, red deer, wild boar, lynx, marten, rare species of birds and plants. The old-growth forest area is the last one in the Maramures county.