Bears in Mind is committed to the conservation of all eight bear species, with a main focus on Brown bear, Asiatic Black bear, Sun bear, Sloth bear, Andean bear, and their habitat. Hence, Bears in Mind allocates a significant part of its budget to bear projects with a main focus on conservation, scientific research, education and captive bear welfare-related projects.

The total budget allocated for projects varies from year to year. Since Bears in Mind is dependent on donations, the yearly budget can fluctuate. The maximum amount of funds that can be applied for, depends on the budget of that specific year. Every February 1st we will announce the maximum amount available per project, through this page:

For 2024, the maximum budget available per project has been set at €15,000 EUR.

Please consider;

  • Geographically, our main focus lays in Europe, Asia and South America.
  • Funding can only be awarded to a legal entity, not a private person.
  • Regular reports on project progress and a financial account are conditions to the grant agreement.
  • Only one application per year per organization can be submitted.
  • We encourage attracting co-funders in a project.
  • We do not fund Western salaries.
  • Funding of a project will be guaranteed for 1 year only, applying for a continuation is possible.

Application process:

Submit a fully completed Project Proposal (see forms below).

Within eight weeks the Project Committee of Bears in Mind will decide whether funding is awarded and inform applicant.

First call

  • Submission of proposals by March 1st (23:59 CET)
  • Decision on awarding the proposal by May 1st (23:59 CET)

Second call:

  • Submission proposals by September 1st (23:59 CET)
  • Decision on awarding the proposal by November 1st (23:59 CET)

Project Proposal form:

To be used for the application of funding of a new project.

Send the fully completed form to projects@bearsinmind.org:


Project Continuation Form:

To be used for the application of a continuation of funding, after initial funding had been approved by Bears in Mind and reports on progress have been submitted. Send a fully completed form to projects@bearsinmind.org


Selection Criteria:

Project proposals will undergo a selection process by the Project Committee and scored based on a set of criteria which are part of the application form(s) including, but not limited to the following focus areas:

  • Proposed objectives and goals
  • Project impact
  • Project measurability
  • Project scalability and transferability
  • Collaborations and co-funding

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