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Bears in Turkey are facing many problems. Their habitat is under constant pressure not only because of human population growth and the ever increasing infrastructure, but also because of political unrest. Recently, Karacabey has received three bear cubs from the east of Turkey. The mother bear had been killed in a bomb explosion. Involvement of local people is vital to the ongoing viability for the sanctuary. At the moment, two local animal keepers are taking care of the bears. The men show incredible devotion in caring for their bears, both day and night. It is very important for the local people to see this dedication, as it makes people aware that members of their own community devote themselves to the welfare of animals and can earn a living at the same time. After all, they are being paid for taking care of the bears. By the same token, a traditional stone oven has recently been built to bake traditional Turkish bread, not for people but for the bears.

The future
It is the intention to transform Karacabey into an educational visitor centre, where people can learn everything about bears and the problems they face. A veterinary facility will form part of this centre. This is urgently required as until now staff of 'Second Chance' (who are trained veterinarians) have been using the table in the tiny kitchen to carry out surgery on bears. Bears require these medical facilities because they are frequently wounded by hunters or poachers, or because of dental problems resulting from bad nutrition. Bears in Mind will help and give advice to Second Chance on bear husbandry and education activities whenever and wherever possible!