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Bears become bears again
The Bear Forest consists of five acres of woodland in Ouwehands Dierenpark, the Netherlands. As the Bear Forest still had to be built when the Greek bears were released, another shelter was found for them. When in 1993 Turkey issued a ban on dancing bears and many bears were confiscated as a result, the Bear Forest was ready to receive some of these animals. The remaining bears were housed in a bear shelter in Karacabey, Turkey.

In the Bear Forest the bears' natural environment is simulated as accurately as possible in order to encourage the bears' natural behaviour. The residents of the Bear Forest enjoy the company of a pack of wolves. All animals receive a varied and special seasonal diet, based on what is available in nature.

Bears in Mind
Bears in Mind (initially known as Stichting Berenbos Rhenen, and later as Alertis – fund for bear and nature conservation) was initiated to develop the Bear Forest and other projects. Bears have to be protected both in the wild and in captivity. Over the years Bears in Mind has grown into an internationally recognized bear conservation organization. The foundation supports and initiates numerous projects that focus on nature conservation, bear welfare and awareness & education.