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Four bears are living in the shelter of the Karuna Society for Animals and Nature now (2009). The purpose of this organization is to provide a first safe haven for the bears. The organization has close contact with the government and the larger rescue shelters in India. Once there is a place for the bear, it will be moved to enjoy a real bear-worthy life. Besides bears, the Karuna Society for Animals and Nature also rescues other animals. Animals are reintroduced back into the wild whenever this is possible. Bears however, have often been in contact with humans for too long. The rescued bear has a very real chance to become a 'problem bear' and in the worst scenario be killed in a conflict with people.

The trade in dancing bears
The bears are returned to their former owners with an official licence. The owners may not leave the state with their bears. The owners are promised some financial compensation when they return their bear to one of the shelters. Unfortunately, bear owners often flee beyond the borders of their state or region to areas where monitoring is less or not being done. Permits are copied and linked to other bears. Checking permits within and communication between Indian states is extremely difficult. Trading bears remains a very serious problem and exists widely.