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Inappropiate disposal of waste is a serious problem. Especially near hotels and camping sites in the mountains open containers are used and placed in the open, with plastic bags beside them. Bears are attracted by this waste and will start searching for food. This will bring the bears too close to people, and cause trouble. Bears in Mind and Slovak Wildlife Society aim to prevent this. By using bear-prooof containers, that can't be opened by the bears, but also by educating the people. There is a website, (www.medvede.sk), a film and written education material. By giving lectures in schools, public houses and hotels people are being informed about the ways bears and humans can live in harmony.

Slovakia ‘bear proof’
At a hotel in the High Tatra mountains the first bear-proof container protoype B was tested. A youn bear, a regular 'guest' at the hotel, could not open the container. In the coming years, many such conatiners will be produced and placed at placed where people are motivated to deal with the problems. At the same time practical solutions will be handed out, like placing containers in barns or building an electrical fence around the containers. Each specific location requires its own solution.