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In the spring of 2009, three orphaned bears were taken to a small animal sanctuary. The bears, one female and her two brothers, are now part of an intensive rehabilitation programme. They are being prepared for a life in the wild. During a period of seven months, the three bears have been ‘guided’ around the woods by two researchers. During these sessions, the guides were wearing camouflage clothing and they did not speak. By means of photographs, sound and image recordings, the researchers have been able to follow the development of the bears in detail.

The future
Since then, the bears have been released fully into the wild. Just before their release, the two males weighed between 20 and 23 kilos, while the female weighed around 8 kilos. All three bears are wearing radiocollars incorporating a transmitter, which enables the researchers to keep a close eye on the bears. In the forest, a chance meeting with a tiger or an adult bear is very likely. During 2010, more orphaned bears will be trained and thus prepared for a life back in the wild. The project has proven to be a great success and a lot of vital information about adolescent bears has been gathered and shared.