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In cooperation with Bears in Mind Balkani Wildlife Society has saved around seventy dancing bears, zoo bears and circus bears, staring from 1999. These bears were all given a chip. Balkani Wildlife Society visits all the bears on a regular basis and gives them veterinary care. Also the Belitza Dancing Bear Center has been built. In 2008 the last dancing bears were placed in this shelter. In 2015 Bears in Mind rescued the last bears from former Bulgarian bear-breeding station Kormisosh.

No more Bulgarian dancing bears
The disappearance of dancing bears in the streets of Bulgaria does not mean that the project has ended. In cooperation with Bears in Mind, Balkani Wildlife Society will continue the annaul visits to check on bears in zoos and circuses. The Bulgarian authorities asked Balkani to tag all the captive bears to monitor their well-being. Bears in Mind has also done similar projects in countries like Georgia and Albania.