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Bears that are used to living in captivity are not able to fend for themselves in the wild. In search of food they often come too close to human settlements. This often results in bear-human conflicts. This also happened to the three released bears, among them the one three-legged bear. This bear had attacked a farmer, who was able to catch the bear. Bears in Mind and ARKA were able to move the bear to the bear shelter in Banostor. For the other bears help came too late; hunters had already killed them. 

Bear Forest in Serbia
Bears in Mind did not succeed in getting Elvis to the Bear Forest in the Netherlands. Obtaining the certificates of ownership and export permission (CITES) from Serbia proved too big an obstacle. To give Elvis and the other bears in Banostor an adequate shelter, Bears in Mind financed the extension of the sanctuary. A beautiful outdoor enclosure was realized with a nice pond for the bears to swim in. 

Elvis spent a happy time there, until he passed away in 2011.