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In 2007 approximately 1200 dancing bears were counted in India, most of which are currently saved and sheltered by Wildlife SOS. This organization does not only save the bears, it also initiates preventive measures. Bears in Mind supports Wildlife SOS.

Wildlife SOS deals with the problem by addressing the source. As soon as an alert about a dancing bear is received, people from Wildlife SOS go the the location. The bear is being confiscated and the owner apprehended. Following this, a social course is started, in collaboration with the Indian government. The bear is a source of income for the families. If that is taken, there is a great chance another bear is bought. Wildlife SOS breaks this circle by helping the families to develop new means of income. The owner gets 50.000 rupee for compensation, the children are sent to school and he is helped with the finding of another way to earn money. The oldest member of the extensive family (the chief) is ordered to prevent any member of the family making the same mistake again. This method works. No more bears are turned into dancing bears and Wildlife SOS helps to save and shelter the remaining dancing bears.