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The year 2016 will be a year of changes, starting with a new name for Alertis! In 1993 we started as ‘International Bear Foundation (Stichting Berenbos Rhenen)’, but because it was confusing to have an international AND a Dutch name at the same time, we switched to universally usable name and changed to Alertis in 2001. In itself a good name, but with no direct link to bears…

That is why we decided on a new name. Complete with a new look, and a strategy to implement the changes at minimum costs. Gradually the name ‘Alertis’ will disappear completely and make way for Bears in Mind. A name that says it all, and can be used internationally as well. The name is based on the conference we organized in 2013, Bear in Mind. We are convinced that this change will be beneficial to the conservation of bears.

In February the first phase will start, and all our online platforms will change names: website, webshop, database and social media. After that all the traditional media will follow, for example stationary and our newspaper, de Berekrant.