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On Wednesday night the bears Milcho en Gosho arrived safe and well in England. After a 1600 kilometer long journey they reached the Wildwood Trust wildlife park, where they will spend several months in quarantaine. Both bears are from the former breeding station for hunting, Kormisosh, in Bulgaria. Two bears remain at Kormisosh, Alertis is busy relocating these bears as well, they will probably be relocated early 2015. The bear hell Kormisosh will then be history.

Milcho and Gosho will start a true 'bear-life' in a beautiful piece of woodland. Both bears endured the journey fairly well. The Wildwood Trust is a group of nature conservationistst that has reintroduced several endangered species in England and beyond. The wildlife park, located in Kent, encompasses natural enclosures in a stunning ancient woodland. The park is home to over 200 native and once native species, and visitors are informed about the importance of British wildlife.