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On Saturday, 29 March 2014 the first bear victim of a road accident in Greece in 2014 was recorded. The approximately 4 year old male bear was struck around 4:30 in the morning by a passing vehicle in Egnatia Odos. It is the fourth fatal accident occurring on this stretch of highway since 2008. The young bear crossed the road through a gap in the reinforced fencing of about 30-40 meters. Construction of the fence started in 2013 and is not yet finished. On impact with the car several bones in the bear’s forefoot were shattered, and he was severely wounded in the right eye and the area around it.

After the collision the unfortunate animal remained helpless on the pavement. unable to move. After other drivers reported the incident to the traffic police, the Arcturos emergency team was alerted. The young bear was anesthetized and transferred to the Arcturos veterinary station to receive treatment. Sadly the internal bleedings and multiple fractures proved too big, and the bear succumbed to his injuries on Saturday night.

Source: www.arcturos.gr