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Please read this urgent call made by Geeta Seshamani, one of the founders of Wildlife SOS. Wildlife SOS has been an Alertis project partner for many years. You can help to save the dancing bears in Nepal. And if you donate, Wildlife SOS can win a substantal prize that can kick start the new project to save all the dancing bears in Nepal.

”The Holiday Challenge is still on and we are raising money to save every last one of Nepal's 'dancing bears!'  This is something we can accomplish if we unite together. We did it in India… now it is time to help the bears that await their freedom in Nepal. There is an extra incentive to donate today to help Wildlife SOS win one of the top three prizes of either $100,000, $40,000 or $20,000.

If you haven't yet made your gift, please donate today to help bears like the one pictured here.  Barely alive, he was still forced to dance until the day of his rescue.

If you have already donated, thank you! Please consider sharing the contest on Facebook or Twitter so we can inspire more people to help. Just post this link – http://www.crowdrise.com/Savebearcubs – and a note about why this cause means something to you.

Winning one of the monetary prizes would help us kick start our new project to save all of the 'dancing bears' in Nepal, just as we did in India. 

Click here for more details on the contest.

Thank you for caring about the bears suffering in Nepal.

Sincerely, Geeta Seshamani
Co-founder Wildlife SOS”