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On Saturday November 23 Dr. Chris Shepherd (regional director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia) gave a lecture with the title 'The Widlife trade crisis in Southeast Asia'. This lecture took place in Ouwehand Zoo Rhenen. In an open atmosphere Chris Shepherd told the many attendants about the way Traffic operates and the many difficulties that go with the illegal trade in animals and animal parts.

Shepherd's team has enjoyed numerous successes in Southeast Asia, but the big traders are unfortunately often protected by the authorities and therefore untouchable. This problem is illustrated by journalist Steve Chao's documentary about one of the biggest traders in Asia, Ason Wong. The film can be viewed on the Aljazeera website:

Chris Shepherd's lecture is available in pdf format, and can be requested through info@alertis.nl. More information about TRAFFIC can be found on www.traffic.org.

About Chris Shepherd:
'The foremost voice on wildlife trade issues in the region, Dr. Shepherd has investigated, published and lectured on the threat of poaching and smuggling in Southeast Asia for over 15 years. A sought-after trainer for enforcement assistance, wildlife survey and monitoring techniques, and ivory identification, he helms the organisation, overseeing its strategic plans and programmes and represents it at the international level on wildlife specialist panels as well as in other decision-making fora.'