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On Saturday and Sunday the Bear Feast took place again and the whole zoo was all about bears. For two days all Alertis members and relations came to Rhenen to enjoy a full programme with lots of fun activities.

Stands and activities
Near the Jungle restaurant alot of events took place. Children (and even adults!) were turned into real bears with the aid of skillfully applied make-up, made real buttons, played 'bear-memory' and at the recycle table bear articles came and went. Not long after a bear was handed in, somebody else had already bought the same bear! On Saturday Chantal mesmerized the many onlookers with her demonstration of making the glass bear jewelry. From a close range, and with clear clarifications people could witness the birth of the glass bears. Making buttons was another favourite, and many children walked the zoo carrying their selfmade button with pride. Other activities included the solving of puzzles, the colouring of colour pictures, the making bears out of wood, and strolling along the many stands looking for a T-shirt, magnets, picture cards and other bear related articles. On Sunday wild animals roamed the zoo: the Fursuiters turned up and showed their dazzling animal costumes. 

Feeding the bears
Children were able to make real bear-snacks: big pinecones filled with honey, peanut butter, seeds and raisins. At of course bread with honey! At the end of the day the small bearfriends took their snacks in a big parade to the Bear Forest. There they could feed the sweets to th bears. A unique experience, and a real treat for the bears, who spent hours on eating the snacks.

Bibi Dumon Tak
In the small square near the entrance of the Bear Forest young and old visitors could enjoy the special presentation of children's book writer Bibi Dumon Tak. Armed with her unique humour, enthusiasm and beamer Bibi treated all listeners to a beautiful impression of het book Soldier Bear. There were lots of laughter, and at the end of the show many books were sold.

Sun and rain
The weather was typically Dutch: a beautiful and sunny Saturday and a gray, cold and rainy Sunday. But the atmosphere was terrific on both days, and every visitor had a great time. We thank all the visitors for coming to the Bear Feast!

A photo impression can be seen on our Facebook page.