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Tory, twin bear sister of Wolke, has sadly passed away. In August of 2019, she and her sister were taken through the CT scanner, as a precautionary measure given her respectable age of 27 years. It was clearly visible that both bears had spondylosis (a form of arthrosis). Spondylosis is a chronic disease of the spine in which the vertebrae and intervertebral discs are affected. This eventually leads to the formation of excessive bone growths and deformation between the vertebrae and can cause stiffness and a lot of pain. This condition is quite common in older captive bears and is irreversible. Tory became paralyzed from the waist down a week ago. She was given painkillers but hardly responded to the medication. With pain in our hearts it was decided to put Tory to sleep.

One of three
The triplets Axel, Wolke and Tory were born in early 1993 in a German zoo. Unfortunately, the birth of the brown bear triplets was not really wanted and the three young bears could not stay in the zoo due to lack of space. They were eventually given to a traveling circus where the triplets ended up in appalling conditions. Tucked away in a musty, dark circus wagon in a small cage, the bear triplets could barely move. The three were only allowed to leave their cage during the circus performances, to show their tricks to the public. A German animal lover was very concerned about the fate of the three and eventually contacted Bears in Mind. Axel, Wolke & Tory arrived in the Bear Forest on November 21, 1994 in an emaciated state. Since then, the bear triplets have been able to enjoy themselves in the two-hectare forest, where they have left their miserable past behind for good. After a number of beautiful years in the Bear Forest, brother Axel died unexpectedly in March 2002. Since then, both sisters were a well-known duo in the Bear Forest! Feared and revered by the other bears, but always together. We are sad, but at the same time happy, that Tory was able to enjoy her bear life in the Bear Forest for so long.