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The interest and passion for the natural World and the wildlife living in it was triggered at an early age. During his study Animal Management Koen had the opportunity to study the bears in the Bear Forest up close and personal. After finishing his Bachelor study, he started helping Bears in Mind as a volunteer, especially during events and on bear welfare related projects. In 2005 he was rewarded with a permanent job at the foundation and has been working as Project Manager ever since.

“Highly inspiring and motivating, but also challenging work where the need to help captive bears in distress and protect wild bears in their natural environment is ever present. I want to contribute my part and leave this world a wilder place for my children, where bears and people can live in harmony.”

In his free time Koen is with his family or explores wild nature with a binocular or from the saddle of his mountainbike.

Favourite bear: Dadon
Favourite project: Asiatic black bears in Iran
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