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Bears in Mind protects bears in the wild and helps captive bears in need.

Bears in Mind uses its knowledge, expertise and financial assets to protect bears and their wild habitat and to help captive bears in need. The foundation collaborates with both governments and local organizations on projects that focus on nature conservation, welfare, and awareness & education. The protection of bear habitat (including that of the brown bear, sloth bear, spectacled bear, sun bear, Asiatic black bear & the polar bear) extends to other species that share the same habitat.

Bears in Mind believes that the protection of bears in the wild cannot be separated from the protection of bears in captivity. By addressing the problem at the source and in a sustainable way, we can create an environment where humans and bears can coexist in harmony. Bears in Mind is at the core of bear-conservation work in Europe and is recognized globally as one of the key organizations for protecting bears.


Nature conservation

Bears in Mind advises on and provides (financial) support to nature conservation projects.

Bear welfare

  • Bears in Mind provides advice with regard to the welfare of bears in the “The Bear Forest” – shelter for bears in Rhenen
  • Bears in Mind provides advice on upgrading existing bear shelters and assists with the start-up of new shelters
  • Bears in Mind keeps the international site (www.bearalert.org) for bears in need, up-to-date
  • Bears in Mind keeps the knowledge site www.largebearenclosures.com up-to-date

Education / Awareness

  • Bears in Mind is a knowledge centre for information about bears, bear protection, bear welfare, bear shelters and bear education
  • Bears in Mind creates awareness with (Dutch) tourists who visit countries where bears are found
  • Bears in Mind creates awareness by educating school-children and the general public

Become a Bear Friend!

As a monthly donor you will help us save more bears!

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