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On the website, childeren are being welcomed by one of the bears from the Bear Forest. He tells about the good life in the Bear Forest, and how bad it was in the past, being a circus bear or dancing bear. Now the bears are well cared for! There are many things to do and explore on the website. Ringtones, movies, photos and the Big Bear Quiz. The ‘Learning Bear’ tells visitors about the Bear Forest, the inhabitants, other bear species and of course bear threats. When clicking on the nose of the ‘More Bear’s’ (who goes into more detail), children can ask questions.

Bears in Mind highly values education of children. This is not only stimulated in countries where bears occur and / or bear-human conflicts happen, but also in the Netherlands. Many people are not aware how bears are used and mistreated by certain people. The sooner knowledge and understanding is taught and awareness is created, the sooner people will actively start protecting bears!