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In 2005 Bears in Mind up-dated both the contents and the lay-out of the package. Following research among schools and special schools for children with a long-term illness, Bears in Mind decided to transform the package to children with special needs. This has led to a more interactive and computer friendly use.

The rescue of bears in need, the Bear Forest and the development of bear santuaries abroad are wellknown Bears in Mind activities. Over the years, however, prevention has started to play an ever increasing role. To prevent that bears are used for human entertainment, and to stop the damage being done to the bears' habitat. Nature conservation projects and scientific research help in creating a protected habitat for bears. On top of that the foundation uses education & awareness projects to create awareness among people who in turn learn that they themselves can be part of the solution.

This package is no longer available. A newly designed package will soon be developed and available through our webshop.