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The main purpose of housing the bear in Vlahi is educational. The visitors of the LC centre which opened in Spring 2007, will have the chance to see a bear in semi natural environment and to observe behaviour close to the natural. People learn more about bears in the wild and the real needs of conserving the species. People receive information about the purpose of having the bear there and about the LC centre. Pupil groups which visit Medo, have special lectures about bears in the wild. Local people accept the bear very positively with big interest and Medo often receives gifts like a big bag with apples (or other fruits), cabbage, tomatoes, etc. The BWS team is very happy to see that, as it is very important for Medo’s long term stay in the village.

In April 2014 bear Medo got a new neighbour: bear Buya from Kormisosh! Bears in Mind helped BWS financially to build a new enclosure for Buya. Once it was finished and all permits were in, Buya moved out of Kormisosh to her new home.
Vlahi is becoming ever popular because of the nature conservation projects and activities implemented there, including the LC centre. The common trends for development of Vlahi are directed at increasing the visitors number to this special place. As soon as the LC centre opened, BWS started working on a special education programs with pupils and Medo & Buya will be visited by many people, who want to learn more about bears.

In 2019 both bears were relocated to a new home in Northern Italy.