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Sex Male
Born ± 2004
Origin Georgia
In the Bear Forest since 29 April 2007

Features: Duuk is a big blonde bear, just like his brother Diesel was. Duuk, Diesel and Igor used to roam the Bear Forest together. Since the passing away of Diesel Duuk and Igor cling together.

History: Duuk used to live in a zoo in Georgia together with Diesel and Igor. They were locked up in a small concrete enclosure. When the zoo was closed down due to lack of funding, a new home had to be found quickly or all three bears would have had to have been euthanized. Luckily Bears in Mind was notified and within several months the three bears moved to the Bear Forest.

Special remarks: Duuk got his name through a name contest on the Dutch national television channel RTL4.

Starting from 20 February 2020 bear Duuk has been adopted by Marianne Vos!